Plush toy cleaning methods

January 8th, 2012


Prepare basin filled with water, pour cleaning agents stirring until completely dissolved, it will make stuffed animals into the cleaning agent into the hand squeeze, after raging water and then rinse with water drained, wrapped in a clean, dry cloth stuffed toys a few minutes, will absorb some water, then dried, or allowed to do the sun is also a good way.
[Wash] of directly into the washing machine before cleaning, be the first plush toy into the laundry bag, according to general cleaning procedures, use cold wash detergent is more effective than fine, and not to hurt the wool over, if the Use one of the general double-effect shampoo is also good. After washing, dry towel wrap and then required dewatering to avoid harming the surface.

[Wipe] use a soft sponge or a clean dry cloth, dampened with a diluted neutral detergent to wipe off the surface, then rinse clean it again.

[Dry cleaning] can be directly sent to dry cleaners, dry cleaning, or to the hair doll shop, doll hair to buy a special cleaning dry cleaning home cleaning, dry cleaning spray in the hair of their first toy surface, to be twenty-three minutes and then wipe with dry cloth can

[Sunshine law]
The sun is the easiest and most effortless way to plush toys clean. UV light can effectively kill some invisible bacteria, plush toys to ensure basic health. But note that this method applies only to relatively shallow plush color because of different fabrics and materials, and some may be stuffed easily fade. Drying, it should be placed outdoors, if the sun radiation through the glass, is not have any bactericidal effect. Plush toys often get dry in the sun outside is very good.

The longer plush toys, and the internal surface the more bacteria present, wash with water alone can no longer achieve the effect of cleaning. At this point, we must put in the water in the amount of cleaning agents for disinfection. In the washing, we can add the right amount of detergent or liquid detergent for disinfection, to anti-bacterial and anti-mite functions.

After disinfection and washing in the dry process, be sure to intermittent beat of plush toys, so fluffy and soft surfaces and fillers to restore a good shape before washing.

The definition of anime toys

December 25th, 2011

Anime toys anime derivatives, nice animation was created as toys. Cartoon image closer to you and I, deeply rooted, is the industry to develop and enhance the value of the product. Similarly, it may be toys, cartoon toys derivatives have the same initial value, after the generation of new meaning.

Anime toys, anime peripheral products, but also can be understood as a combination of animation and toys, animation industry is currently an important one person. Currently, the cartoon animation toys including Minis, cartoon dolls, hand-done animation and Japanese anime plush toys.

cartoon toys industry analysis

US-Japan anime toys is making power, has become a full-fledged derivatives business operation. Such as the Disney animated film in a few days before the launch of the screen, there are toys in the market, in turn derived from the sale of toys to promote the creation of animation, creating a virtuous circle.

In contrast, China’s animation industry is relatively slow, although the state to give policy support to the animation industry, animation industry, but still faced with the toys and other industries can not be combined, such as the Rebels the Rebels is always on TV, but not everywhere us. Another reason for our lack of animation toy innovation, making the development of no new popular cartoon characters. “Blue Cat” is by far, China has developed more successful animation industry, access to many children’s pursuit of the cartoon toys, I believe that China’s enterprises is a good case study.

As the public increasingly diversified cultural entertainment, as there is life, there are cartoon character toys, with a large number of lovers, and relatively easy to cultivate loyal customers, thus animation toy “money scene attractive.”

People buy anime toys, it may be more familiar with the usual selection shape. For example, playing a game, I felt this adorable inside game, the game will go to the market to buy inside the animation style, which makes the animation with toys and games have a point. Anime toys and games are also a number of game companies continue to be recognized when they are in the development of the game, the game will go to the production of cartoon animation toys. On the one hand they can earn some profit, the other can go through the toys publicity game. For example, the underwater world game, you can be enough to buy online in the next game in the shape of toys, and each toy will be sent a membership card worth 18 yuan game. For those customers already know the game, they buy toys, when they hesitated, if you see his game in shape, and will definitely go to choose the toys. In addition, those who have never played this game, he may be after the purchase of toys to understand the game and willing to become the game’s loyal players.

Plush toys with different materials and

December 21st, 2011

(A) shearing cloth (Velboa): Many styles, color card company to see Rotary wide thin is very clear, very popular in recent years made bean bags, the U.S. and Europe most popular TY beanies to do is this material, we produce wrinkle Bear also fall into this category wrinkle. Check the quality to pay attention to: facial hair softness, the general quality of hair is down to poor, but there will be a little down printing shearing cloth, not serious should be acceptable.
General plush (including plush fabric, wool fabric cutting), if the weight is low, it is easy to fall to the hair shaft is not up, when to pay attention to quality inspection. The amount of shearing cloth and long hair is not easy, short hair, fabric seems thin, so they will have carefully examined the general and long hair should be 2.5-3.5mm, normal is 3.00mm, curly fleece fabric can reach 5-10mm, also the relative weight high to indicate when signing the contract requirements and long hair, usually 3mm g lies 450g/Y-480g/Y, special to be noted. The other has hair to shearing cloth.
(B) the plush fabric:
A, A yarn (also known as ordinary yarn, BOA material), divided into:
Bright yarn: General usually shiny, light hair in the separation of yin and yang to the different available surface.
Matt yarn: the dumb-colored, almost no yin and yang side.
B, V yarn (also known as special yarn, T-590, Vonnel) have flat shearing cloth (Even Cut) and the length of the hair (Uneven cut), hair length about the 4-20mm range, are mid-range material.
C, Hipile (Shanghai, plush): hair length in the range 20-120mm ,20-45mm can be done within the scope of any hair length, 45mm 65mm and above, only 120 (110) mm, length of hair is due to the quality of the original yarn Hipil influence is obvious, so we should be required to use the Japanese Mitsubishi plush factory level and above the original yarn, straight hair to be smooth, easy to curl.
D, the other:
1, plush roll (roll Trichodesmium):
① Tumbling boa, A yarn curl: most granular wool, lamb wool, or hair root is a bundle, the above volume open. Usually used for more classical taste of toys, long hair done up to 15mm; Shanghai Curly relatively cheaper. ② Tumbling HP Shanghai Curly: long hair is usually long, loosely curled over effects, there are many styles to choose from.
2, super soft material: already in use, the material is very soft; note that the original yarn different from the price will be different.
3, there DDF: HP is a kind of stiff, high-grade material, usually blending.
E, plush printed materials include: 1, printing; 2, jacquard; 3, Tippy printing (tip-dyed): (as mixed wool glasses open book); 4, variegated; 5, two-color (two tone) and so on.
Note: Check to see quality plush fabric:
plush toys density, weight, feel is silky (ie, not exposed at the end of yarn strict serious facial hair erect or lodging, this weight and the plush plant a greater impact on the quality of finishing);
2, the original quality of the yarn and woven supple quality impact results;
3, shearing wool of high quality and impact;
4, staining accuracy of the color;
5, the larger the surface area of ​​the hair to see the effect: side effect is hair down dense, erect, supple, with all the normal indentation, wave lines, chaotic hair to the other anomalies. These aspects can be used to determine the basic quality of good or bad.
Of course, different grades of products have different requirements, we should learn to accept the judge to grasp the scale, the safest approach is to first confirm the sheet, then orders, An plate receipt.
Every year, new plush plants normally develop different styles, feel, wool, curly, rolling beam effect for new varieties of toy factory to design new models, we should take the initiative to find out the name of the new varieties of specification properties, in order to make an accurate classification and applications.

Plush toy purchase

December 16th, 2011

Plush toys, the children and young people one of the most popular toys, but, seemingly good things which may be hidden danger, so we should be happy at the same time, the happiness, we must think safety is our biggest wealth! Buy a good plush toy products is particularly important, the following are my personal views on life and work:
1, the first clear which ages the demand, then according to different age groups to buy different toys, the main consideration safety practicality.
2, the appearance of plush material is fine health, with high and low grade raw materials division, the length of plush (dtex yarn, common yarn) velvet, plush pull TIC cloth, which is to determine the price of a toy is an important factor, and some seller shoddy, consumer fraud.
3 look at the plush toy stuffing, which is affecting the price of toys is another important factor. All good cotton filled PP cotton, like supermarkets, like abalone pillow core material, feel very good uniformity. Difference are black heart cotton, cotton fill, feel bad, and dirty.
4, is firmly fixed fittings (standard requirements for the 90N force) very angry kilometers of barbed edges of moving parts are too small to prevent children playing strayed into the mouth of danger, the same hair color or material to the same position are the same, Otherwise, the sun will appear different color, hair to the contrary, the effect beautiful.
5, observe the appearance is beautiful, so the position is symmetrical, the backlog is soft and fluffy hand, various parts of the stitching is solid, toys, accessories for scratches, incomplete.
6, to see if a trademark, brand, safety signs, mailing address and other manufacturers, binding is solid.
7, see the situation inside and outside the packaging, marking consistency, moisture-proof performance is good, the packaging of plastic bags, opening more than a certain size range must be opened holes to prevent suffocation head of children incorrect sets.
8, details of the purchase of knowledge:
See the toy’s eyes
High-quality plush dog toys deep eyes very bright, very God, the use of high-grade crystal eyes, and they feel able to communicate. The eyes are black, poor quality toys rough, dull, not God, and even some of the toys, there are air bubbles inside the eye.
Look at the nose and mouth toys
In the plush toys, animals, several points of the nose, with the child’s foreskin, useful line of handmade, there is made of plastic. Good skin is to spend a good nose leather or artificial leather made good on, do come out plump and delicate nose. The poor quality of the nose leather is not very rough filling full. To do with the line of the nose and not padded cushion lining of the points, there are silk, wool and cotton of the points. Good workmanship is very fine seam nose, arranged in neat rows. But there are many small factories and small workshops, the workers had no formal training, work was very poor. Plastic nose or worse. To see their work and the mold is good or bad. Because mold is good or bad directly affects the quality of the nose.
Palms and soles, the materials
Palms, soles of the material is also very particular about the time of purchase sewing special attention to its practices, which means it’s working fine, palms and soles, with the main materials used and whether the co-ordination.

Easter is an important holiday

December 7th, 2011

Easter (resurrection day) is an important Western festivals, full moon after the vernal equinox in the year the first Sunday. Christians believe, Easter symbol of health and focus on hope, to commemorate Jesus Christ in AD 30 to 33 years between the third day after the crucifixion the resurrection day.

Holiday gifts
Easter is a Christian holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus. Legend of Jesus was crucified on the cross, resurrected the third day after death to heaven. Annual celebration of Easter in the church refers to the spring equinox the first Sunday after the full moon, if that day happens to be full moon Sunday, Easter is delayed a week. Which Easter may be March 22-April 25 any day between. Typical Easter gift of a relationship with the Spring and regeneration: eggs, chicks, bunnies, flowers, especially lilies are a symbol of the season. Easter Eve, the children of friends and family to dress up coloring eggs. Boiled eggs and some of these very old, there are only empty shells. Easter morning, the children will find the bed of the Easter basket filled with chocolate eggs, Easter bunnies, chicks and baby plush toys. It is said that the Easter Bunny will be eggs hidden in the indoor or grass for kids to find. The annual White House Egg Roll activities are often broadcast live on television.
Holiday break
The German government provides the Easter break for two days. In the festival, family reunion, enjoy a variety of traditional food, meet friends and relatives to offer congratulations. The egg symbolizes life, fire, water, and so became the Easter rabbit mascot. Eggs and rabbits in the West is the new symbol of life and prosperity. Eggs, a symbol of the true nature of the sun, the eggs dyed red symbolizes happiness. On Easter, the parents made specially for the kids eggs, rabbit-shaped chocolate. Relatives and friends to give each other eggs. In the Rhine River and some of the towns east of Hesse, has retained the “egg tree” of this ancient custom. People have painted hundreds of eggshell painting, strung together eggs chain, in Easter on this day hanging in the pine trees, a tree made of eggs, egg adults and children around the tree singing, dancing, celebrating Easter. The Alps of the girls through the red gift to express their love eggs. On Easter this day, the girl if a boy presented to the three red eggs, said to the boy courtship girl. Easter on the rabbit as the mascot is a legend. In ancient times the day of resurrection, a time when residents of Scandinavia’s celebration of spring, “Spring Sun Festival”, as grassland, forest animals, one animal in the prolific rabbit, it is a symbol of spring and new life of recovery birth, while it is Eros A Fuluo Dite pet, but also Germanic goddess Horta of the land lead the way by holding candle. Therefore, it is sent to the rabbit as an Easter egg to the children of angels, loved by children. ‘In this day Easter rabbit-shaped child will receive a gift. Fire not only brought light to mankind, the earth also gained a new life. Jesus as a symbol of rebirth, Easter and many fire-related activities.

Easter toys
In the Middle Ages, all the time when Christians celebrate Easter sunrise, because according to ancient legend, the sun on Easter morning joy jump three times to honor the resurrection of Jesus, the light out through the clouds like an angel to dance. Easter morning in Europe, people gathered to watch the sunrise in the desert, or the glorious Peak, in the dawn of Gun and bell, orchestra and chant group to Alleluia and praise songs to celebrate the rising of Jesus as the increase in levy the sun. So far the Alps in Austria still retains this habit early in the morning to pay tribute.

Qingdao Jinhaoda Arts & Crafts Co., LTD. is a comprehensive enterprise of plush toys and pet toys design, development, production and sales. The company was founded in 2002, mainly engaged in plush toys processing and production. During that time,the company cooperated with Aurora World Inc., Ltd, KMC Hanshang Toys Co.,LTD, Qingdao Tongshang Toys Co., LTD and other large enterprise cooperation. Since August 2007, the company formed own products R&D department which designed, developed and produced face to domestic market. And our products enjoys high reputation in Yiwu, Guangzhou , Beijing and other main domestic markets for its novel design, high quality and reasonable price. With the increasingly development and expansion of company, more and more foreign customers extend an olive branch to us. Adapt to the development of company,the company founded Qingdao Jinhaoda Arts & Crafts Co., LTD.


History and status of toys

December 2nd, 2011

For people, especially children, play and game products. Dating back some 5,000 years of ancient Egyptian artifacts in the existing clay, wood, animal bones and ivory and other materials of dolls, children’s graves in a small drink and living utensils. Dating back some 3,000 years of Persian artifacts found in the pull toy consists of a round wheel. Useful to start the ancient Greek vocal cord image of the toy gyroscope and animals. Roman tomb unearthed in the limbs of ivory portrait. Nuremberg, Germany 18th century toy production center in Europe. Dolls using screen printing process, the body unit mechanical components, can show crying, walking and other activities. Also produced music toys and clockwork toys. New achievements in the 19th century science and technology applied to toy design and production, to promote the development of toy production, there activities paintings, dioramas, slides and other optical toys. 1878, U.S. scientists TA Edison phonograph made use of talking, singing dolls. 1890s, the United States have produced a small electric fan and electric rail train. China has a long history of toys. About 5,500 years ago in Shandong Ningyang Dawenkou sites found small pottery pig. Dating back some 3800 years of cultural relics in your family have toys and ceramic rings. Kite and ball games are also more than 2,000 years of history. Diabolo, windmill, roll ring, puzzle, nine have become a chain of traditional Chinese folk toy. After the 20th century, toy manufacturing industry has become an important industry. 1930 German toy manufacturer and exporter in the world first. 40 years of rapid development of the U.S. toy production, production, consumption and imports ranked highest in the world. The rise of Japan’s toy industry 50 years, exports to catch up with Germany. The late 1950s, the formation of the Chinese toy industry, to Beijing, Shanghai as the main producing areas. Over 7000 kinds of toy breeds. 1960s the rise of the Hong Kong toy industry. 80 years after Taiwan’s toy industry has a great development. In the 21st century, a variety of integrated sound, light, electricity and features high-tech toys, traditional toys began to occupy the position, the world’s toys, consumer – the United States in this regard was especially typical. In recent years, the Chinese market has gradually appeared more and more intelligent toys, such as MI Bear, it successfully integrates a variety of products, through artificial intelligence techniques, many children with intellectual interaction bears get happiness, improve IQ.

What types of children’s toys?

Specifically, children’s toys can be divided into the following eleven kinds:
Class jigsaw puzzle: to improve children’s cognitive ability, analytical ability, imagination, develop children’s sense of accomplishment.
Toys Games: to improve children’s cognitive ability, based on the children’s hands-on training, mental and physical ability, develop their thinking, exercise hand-eye coordination skills and operation ability.
Digital thinking writing class: mosaic in the training capacity of the child, while the big action exercises, training, children’s fine motor, inspire children to shape, number, amount of accurate understanding, and then build muscle flexibility.
Tools: mainly make the children understand and master the tools of the shape, color and structure, in the process of training the children’s hands-on ability and hand-eye coordination, develop imagination.
Puzzle combination of categories: the space to develop kids imagination and fine hands-on ability to deepen their understanding of time, animals, transportation and housing shapes, colors and other aspects of rational understanding.
Building Blocks: to stimulate interest in the children’s hands, mix and match to develop children’s awareness and reasonable spatial imagination; clever drag and drop design, exercise walking ability of children, encourage children’s creative sense of accomplishment.
Transportation toys: helping children through trains, cars and all kinds of truck awareness and understanding of the structure, on the basis of training in some of its assembly, the ability to drag and organize to improve awareness and hands-on daily living, and by assembling understand the transformation between objects.
Drag class: to improve children’s cognitive abilities, according to the different drag animals allowed to know the different characteristics of various animals, exercise them in a wide range of walking ability.
Class jigsaw puzzle: from a variety of shapes, rich puzzle composed of a combination of graphics in children, split, and then there is a certain combination of knowledge, based on the ability to exercise independent thinking, develop their patience while and perseverance. Cartoon dolls categories: parents busy and need some entertainment to accompany children’s toys, and cute cartoon dolls are widely welcomed by the children.
Pet Toys: a play toy for your pet, with the traditional sense of the above is not the same toys Traditional toys are for girls or boys used to exclude a child a sense of emptiness or to spend time toys. Pet pet toy is based on the partnership as a human born of a parent-child type of type of toy, this toy exists to make real human beings and their interaction baby up above in greater emotional communication and interaction .


The development of pet toys

November 24th, 2011

In fact, the development of pet toys from natural to artificial, and return to a natural process, like other human beings as products and commodities, from simple to extravagant, and from luxury to return to the simplicity of the process, since the beginning of time, dogs and cat toys is very simple, for example, is a natural bone, a small ball, the owner of the shoes, hats, socks, etc., to give their pets human aware of a pet toy, they began to deviate from a pet point of view and aesthetic point of view, and even made ​​some strange toys, from a human point of view of their own words, is very creative, but after birth, after a very long running reluctantly accepted this toy for pets and then later, in the human to focus on the real pet when the visual above, it really made ​​out of line with the real cause of pet pet preferences and interest in toys, especially to the most recent period, was finally recognized human pet toys only with all-natural materials to make the case is the real love of pets, pet care really like in the domestic market above the more environmentally-friendly pet toys: loofah pet toys, pet toys, sisal, cotton pet toys, cotton stuffed pet toys.

Log pet toy from the market since the situation in a very rapid development, because with the return of humanism, in human thought generally that the pet close partnership as the beginning of mankind, it marks the pet market, including pet clothes, pet food, Pet Toys, pet accessories, pet Wo Wo, and pet funeral and so on around the pet’s needs are in the endless variety of the emergence of one of the main trends are: environmental protection, and real caring pet care market will become the mainstream trend.

Human pet parents reached above the level of care

November 18th, 2011

Pet toy is in fact the birth of human beings in the pet care to the parents of the above derived above, a full accordance with the pet toy preferences and aesthetic point of view the type, date of birth of the child, in the toy category, there is purpose and distinctive style and creativity, where the toy connotation and extension of the above categories there is a new space, while the birth of pet toys, pet a human relationship with a very close relationship to the extent of a product, while also marks the pet as a family partnership of human birth, in fact, the history of mankind above also has a great milestone, because human nature began to really focus, attention to their side of the pet, they are no longer a be treated as toys.

Avoid buying a toy that could possibly endanger your dog by splintering; indigesting any stuffing, attached strings, eyes or buttons that could easily be chewed off and swallowed; or any item that has sharp edges. Even when you would like your dog to play by himself, his safety should also be considered. Anywhere from a little supervision to constant supervision is advised when he is playing with a toy. Any dog can destroy a toy by rough chewing. If a toy begins to crack, break into pieces, shred, or is chewed to be so small that your dog can put the entire toy/bone in his mouth, that is the time to discard the toy immediately. Place it in a container strong enough to withstand his desire to retrieve it.Another factor in becoming an educated buyer of dog toys is to know the personality of your dog. If your dog is a puppy, you may not know her personality for a couple of days to weeks, but we do know that puppies like to chew.

If you get your new dog from a previous owner, get some advice from them. If you acquire a rescue dog, observe him closely. Some dog personalities to consider are: the chewer, the aggressive chewer, the possessor, the energetic, or the snuggler. The breed of dog you select may also have some innate characteristics which should also alert you regarding general personality traits. Knowing your dog’s breed, age and personality will all help in making a good dog toy decision. Many purchases may be made before you find the right toy your dog enjoys playing with.Toys are not just for fun and entertainment; they can also have other redeemable values. Dog toys can:* aid in strengthening your dog’s gums and teeth* relieve stress* be interactive with you or someone else* be a bonding time with you* keep a dog physically and mentally healthy* prevent separation anxiety* helps to eliminate your dog from destroying the family’s personal possessions* fills in times of his boredomListed below are some general descriptions of dog toys with possible pros and cons:Size: Make sure the toy is dog-size appropriate. A large toy for a small dog is not easy for the dog to play with. On the other hand, a small toy for a large dog can be swallowed. Squeakers: Some toys have squeakers in them and some dogs love to squeak them. A word of caution, however. As fun as it is for your dog, he could actually chew it until the squeaker comes out of the toy, and then swallows it. Examine the toy often, and supervision is advisable. Should a hole develop, sew up the toy to keep the squeaker in, or while the squeaker is out, sew up the toy so no stuffing comes out – should there be stuffing in the toy. Closing the hole allows the dog to still play with the toy.Durability: Durable toys may cost more, but they also may last longer. If you have an aggressive chewer, you may have to purchase dog toys more often.

Cleanability: If the toys are cleanable, you’ve made a good choice. Toys can generally be washed in soap and water, making sure you rinse the toy completely. Soap residue can make your dog sick. Rubber: Thick, solid rubber toys can sometimes be filled with flavored pastes or kibbles. This is a combination toy and treat, and builds their mental capacity by figuring out how to get the treat out of the center of the toy. This is a good choice for an aggressive chewer.Inflexible: Toys made from nylon, resins or hard-packed rubber, are sturdy, and rugged. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and flavors. Probably the most common shape is a dog bone. If your dog has teeth or gum issues, these toys are not recommended. If your dog likes to chew and play games like hide ‘n seek, these are good choices. They still can be shredded through chewing, however, and the synthetic material is not digestible. When it wears down, it is a good time to replace it before a vet visit is necessary.Dental: Some toys are good to fight dental plaque.Balls: Dogs love to play ball. The balls are versatile, come in multiple designs, easy to clean, and fun to play fetch. Tennis balls are always a good choice because of size, texture, and clean ability.Bones: Dog bones made of natural ingredients are a good choice, but they will become gooey and clean up will be necessary. They are often made of vegetable matter. Natural dog bones need caution. Make sure they don’t splinter, like chicken and rib bones, and cooked bones become soft and splinter easily.Rawhide: Rawhide is a popular choice and is a natural product, but make sure they are made in the USA because not all countries have good regulations. They could contain dangerous chemicals. It is possible they could cause stomach upset and internal blockage.

Rawhide that is layered is tougher and safer. They will last longer and in the end they will disintegrate.Have enough toys so you can rotate them often so your dog doesn’t get bored. The more you interact with your dog, the better he will like the toy and the more physical activity he will get. Don’t exercise him just on the weekends. He needs daily physical activity just like you do.If you find you have purchased a toy your dog will not play with, clean it up and donate it to a local pet shelter or humane society. They will be very grateful!Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian nor do I have any formal training in any medical field. This article is not to replace the advice of your veterinarian. I am only providing options and ideas that you may want to discuss with your veterinarian

The most favorite baby gifts, non-toy perfectly.

November 2nd, 2011

Toys, entertaining, educational, safety three basic features. The wide variety of different classification methods.

Toy Story 3 Collection toys made waves throughout 2010, and were selling out come Christmas. But now we’re into 2011 and these toys are still some of the most popular among children. Why? Because they are so well made and look exactly like the characters from the movies! Here’s a quick guide to the various characters available.

Sheriff Woody: Woody is the main character of the Toy Story series of movies, and a firm favourite in the eyes of children around the world! Some of the features of this toy include the fact that he can say “real” Woody phrases, and phrases that the toy version of Woody would say.

At 16 inches tall, this is a real life replica of the Woody from the movies. He even says all of the phrases you know him to say, in the exact same voice. Your child won’t be disappointed!

Bullseye: A sheriff can’t function properly without his horse, which is why Pixar have also released a collectors version of Bullseye, Woody’s faithful companion who we first met in Toy Story 2. He is the perfect size for the Collectors version of Sheriff Woody to ride in comfort!

Lotso Huggin’ Bear: As any Lotso Huggin’ Interactive Bear review will tell you, Lotso has both a good side (the “toy” Lotso) and a bad side (the Lotso from Sunnyside). This collectors edition Lotso looks like the original Lotso toy – in fact it matches everything from the movie perfectly – and captures boht sides of Lotso perfectly!

This strawberry-scented toy is one of the biggest of the Toy Story 3 Collection toys, matching the size of Lotso in the movie. When you press one had, he’ll say his nice sayings and want to hug you. When you press his other hand, he’ll say things that the evil Lotso would have said! He even responds when you speak to him, especially when you raise the tone of your voice.

Qingdao Jinhaoda Arts & Crafts Co., LTD. is a comprehensive enterprise of plush toys and pet toys design, development, production and sales. The company was founded in 2002, mainly engaged in plush toys processing and production. During that time,the company cooperated with Aurora World Inc., Ltd, KMC Hanshang Toys Co.,LTD, Qingdao Tongshang Toys Co., LTD and other large enterprise cooperation. Since August 2007, the company formed own products R&D department which designed, developed and produced face to domestic market. And our products enjoys high reputation in Yiwu, Guangzhou , Beijing and other main domestic markets for its novel design, high quality and reasonable price. With the increasingly development and expansion of company, more and more foreign customers extend an olive branch to us. Adapt to the development of company,the company founded Qingdao Jinhaoda Arts & Crafts Co., LTD.
Qingdao Jinhaoda Arts & Crafts Co., LTD had a complete system of project planning, development and distribution ,and owned the Independent Right of Own-operation Export and Import.The company mainly developed and produced all kind of plush dog toys,clothes of plush toy,plush pet toys,pillow, automobile accessories,gifts and so on, OEM is also acceptable.Most of our products are exported to USA and Europe.

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Physical and mental development of children’s toys for children provided the material conditions

October 22nd, 2011

Toys for children to imagine the psychological process of thinking and other pillars of turning behavior. Children’s toys to develop motor skills, training, perception, stimulate imagination, arouse curiosity, physical and mental development of children provided the material conditions.

Playing combines various activities such as running, climbing and rolling that help in enhancing the physical growth and improving the energy level right in the kids. This will help in building a sound health. Playing outdoor games is the best source for stretching the body muscles and getting some fresh air. In order to play outdoor games, children toys are the perfect solutions, which are available in plenty of varieties at reasonable price tags these days.

Outdoor toys are encouraging factors that attract kids into playing activities. In fact, these toys in the present age come in widespread options and kids playing with these toys are able to select from the various games. Moreover, these outdoor games are unlike the indoor gaming consoles and television.

Outdoor toy range includes games such as climbing frames, sand structures, playhouses and the children slide. These are some of the common outdoor toys for kids. Research has proved that the specific playing schedule on a daily basis is the best method to improve the child’s overall development, which makes it possible to construct a positive personality for the future.

Games like climbing frames have designs for the preschool as well as older kids. One of the latest outdoor toy models comes in combination with children swing and even children slide as per the requirement. Children outdoor toys allow the kids to indulge in various physical activities such as climbing nets, which is extremely adventurous for the kids from of different age groups.

There are wooden climbing frames available. These frames are eco-friendly, as they do not contain any plastic substances. This makes the games children friendly too and you do not have worry about your kid’s health. As these toys are available in various options, the selection procedure becomes a bit difficult for the parents. However, these cartoon toys are of great help to kids.

The following content includes some of the points that throw light on the advantages of playing with these outdoor toys:

(A) plush dog toys help in the development of hand-eye coordination in the kids. This enables the improvement of concentration at the tender age itself.

(B) These toys allow children to freely move in the external surroundings and help them to develop a wider thinking ability.

(C) Playing with outdoor toys is an energy-consuming activity and these playing sessions help in burning of optimum fat contents from the body that helps in keeping your child healthier.

(D) Finally, outdoor toys assist the kids to boost their self-confidence and to develop a positive outlook about the world.

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